For Business or For Self: Do not underestimate the role of Instagram metrics!

Vanity metrics such as social media likes , followers, content views, comments etc have much been underestimated to be useful or not for businesses. But I humbly ask, what is the harm? How can it be bad if you have large number of followers to your Instagram account or Twitter or Facebook accounts for that matter!

Vanity metrics are often top of funnel metrics that cannot fully represent broader brand awareness. No defying that. One definitely needs to measure the leads generated from marketing. However, times are changing. Improvements in marketing analytics can demonstrate how downloads and website visits can translate into leads, conversions, and revenue. Through conversion tracking, businesses can now provide insights into the lead quality and the conversions of those leads into new business. As a result, metrics like downloads and views now become relevant.

Whats the Use?

There is nothing vain about acquiring a hundred followers on a social media platform for a business. In fact, metrics like shares and likes can contribute to reach and awareness of the brand and its content in following ways.

  1. They are an indicator of engagement, which in turn drives organic search rankings.
  2. They contribute to reach directly.
  3. Have a multiplier effect with notifications reaching friends of friends on social profiles, thus increasing the organic reach.

Thus, having a reasonably good number of Instagram followers for instance is not going to be harmful if not highly revenue driven. After all, you do not spend the entire marketing budget only on customer acquisition. If it was so, businesses would be replacing marketing teams with sales team instead.

So, while actionable metrics help you drive revenues and real growth, the vanity metrics play their own importance by making you look good so that people tend to like you.

What Next?

Having talked about the relevance of vanity metrics to businesses, it is recommended that personal profiles too be maintained well. While real social life reflects in virtual profiles, most of us find more joy in being liked more on Instagram posts like selfies, groupfies etc. Why not? Each one is entitled to feel good and look good on social media.

Just like we use beauty products to look good, having Instagram followers and Instagram likes does the same to our Instagram profiles. And if you like your profile, you do not mind making it visible to larger audience. Infact, you tend to be more confident.

Thus, reach out for more and more likes and followers which have the following effects on our personal and businesses social health:

  1. Makes you look popular to others
  2. Makes others interested in you thus you become more popular
  3. You can confidently flaunt your websites and profiles with others.

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