What is Instagram IGTV and how to boost IGTV Views?

As mentioned above, IGTV is a stand-alone app to watch longer, vertical videos from your favorite Instagram creators. It seems to offer a whole new video streaming experience on-the-go. Videos are full screen and vertical, which aims to offer an authentic mobile experience while watching videos. IGTV Views shows the no of users who have gone through the videos and to boost the same, one could use TwiceRR services by clicking here

Is Instagram IGTV available for both Android and iOS users?

Yes, Instagram IGTV app is available to download for both Android and iOS users. Android users can head to Google Play Store and search for the app. The app is owned by Instagram. So watch out for an original app. Similarly, iOS users can go to App Store, search for the app and download it instantly on their device.

What are the main options you get inside IGTV app?

By default, the main screen auto-plays some videos from the accounts you already follow on Instagram. The app shows different tabs like For You, Following, Popular, Continue Watching etc. The Popular tab shows videos that are most-watched across Instagram. If you skipped videos in between, you can continue from where you left off using Continue Watching tab.

How is IGTV different from Instagram?

Unlike a traditional Instagram app, IGTV is all about letting users watch longer videos. So users can watch up to one-hour videos without any interruptions. IGTV also reduces the number of distractions caused by pictures and random stories. Users will only be able to watch videos from accounts they follow on Instagram.

How is to boost IGTV Views?

If you have a decent profile and you are getting into IGTV, it becomes really important to show traction on the IGTV videos. Hence we at Twicerr helps you boost your IGTV views and match it with your profile level. To Konw about the packages click here.

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