In this particular blog, I am trying to create an understanding of how important it can be to maintain a decent number of likes and followers on the social media profiles and keep the trend going upwards by drawing an analogy with the use of cosmetics in real life.  Most of us have used cosmetics to enhance our appearance in day-to-day lives or for a special occasion. Whatever it is, each one of us tries to keep his/her best foot forward each day or when meeting someone. This is primarily done to get the right amount of attention and leaving a good first impression.  It’s all about looks till you really kick-start the conversation. Good looks win half the battle in your favour. Don’t they?

Think of a boy or girl who are as good as they really are but when they step out of the house, they do a cosmetic touch-up to the hair, face etc. to ensure that they look good to others too. Plus the feeling of looking good prevails within to boost the self-confidence.

The social media profile, be it personal or business related essentially mark our existence on the internet. So just like we try to present ourselves as beautiful as possible in the real world by adding those cosmetic touch-ups, we might as well try to maintain an attractive profile in the much prevailing virtual world of Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.

The question is what makes a profile LOOK good on social media? Please note the emphasis on looks because every complete profile is good enough to get going. But does it look good to others on the internet too? Here is where comes the role of Twicerr to make your profile look good to others.  A profile gains attention when it has decently good amount of likes, comments and followers. Twicerr gets you real time genuine Instagram, Twitter and facebook followers, in addition to the likes on posts, youtube views and genuine comments.  You might want to try the instant followers or drip feed ones.

Drip feed or instant followers really depend on prime buying objective.  We keep hearing  that XYZ profile got 3 million followers overnight and the person becomes an overnight celebrity. This is what happens in instant followers. But how many of us do believe in the genuineness of these or do we even question the genuineness as the person has become a celebrity already is really upto you to decide . Whereas when we see some profile, where followers keep on adding on a day to day basis, we happen to believe that they might be real. Drip feed followers is a unique concept, and the profile becomes famous gradually. If some person is monitoring the progress of a profile, then drip feeding makes a lot of sense. Drip feed followers by the concept means adding followers to your Instagram profile slowly and gradually and eventually looking a tons of followers at the end of the given period.

Real Instagram Followers could be added by Twicerr by either means of adding them in one shot or adding them by spreading it over a time period of a month or two. We have an expertise which no other competitors offer is to add by spreading out the Instagram followers over a period.

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